The excavator machine works in remote areas where truck scales are far way and therefore the accuracy of the loads into the trucks has a prime importance, together with the data management sent for invoicing or production assessments directly from the Excavator machines.

With helperXE installed onboard you are sure that each bucket is weighed, the load is within the allowed limits, the production is under control, the moved quantity is transmitted remotely for mining haulage analysis and stock inventory.helperXE has been created following VEI twenty years’ experience on excavator application, the first in 1998.

The arms, the bucket and the excavator inclination are controlled by inclination sensors without mechanical moving parts between the arms which can be easily damaged and have a certain wear and tear.

With VEI sensors the installation and setup are easy and fast because they can be installed in any arm’s position without constrictions. Try to imagine, instead, if you have to install a sensor directly on the arm’s pivot pin, making sure it is not axially offset and a lever on the adjacent arm that has to make the sensor rotate accordingly while moving, the whole not built by the excavator manufacturer; the VEI sensors advantages are evident.

The Software, heart of the helperXE, allows to follow in real time the position of each part and process the weight result in a deterministic and precise way, due to the many settings possibility for controlling different working situations.

The installation of accurate and easy-to-view onboard weighing solutions and payload monitoring enable fleet operators to control loads moved, driving down haulage costs and improving productivity


  • HELPER XE manages your load flow for the best production control and sales invoicing.
  • HELPER XE feature a bright colour display that is unequalled elsewhere in the industry. Visibility in direct sunlight is assured.
  • HELPER XE takes into consideration incabin space, ergonomics, visibility, ease of use and connectivity, while reducing the amount of componentry. In-cab space is optimised by the innovative design and applied electronics, which have permitted the building of a unique small Device incorporating the printer, when necessary, continuing VEI versatility of the integration as always been in the past.

With a worldwide trained network of companies, VEI promises a high level of service and technical backup.

HELPER XE manages your load flow for the best production control and sales invoicing, with a ROI of few months.