Agricultural Trailer


We have been testing different solutions on the axles of these trailers for 2 years trying to conceive a system that could be retrofitted without any mechanical work on the chassis. We achieved this by using the LOADLINK force measuring sensors that we install on ADT as well. One on each axle and one on the pull drawbar does the job.

There are trailers with air or water suspensions, in those cases pressure sensors are installed instead of the LOADLINK  which always goes in the drawbar unless the nearest axle is on the edge of the trailer, in this case the drawbar has no weight loaded on it. We found trailers not working as well like the ones that have pistons up front to move the drawbar up and down. Consult us during your marketing activities so we can together develop this further.

The WEIGHBAR are located between the chassis and the bailer frame exactly were the bailer is mounted on the chassis.  In our case 2 were these points therefore we had to use 2 WEIGHBAR.  This can be an interesting market contacting the manufacturer and importers of these vehicles and discover if the load cells we have developed can be applied or the bailer can be prepared for retrofit or a new load cell manufactured for the bailer brand.


We have been using the Traiload for 2 years now and had a considerable time saving because before I had to locate first a weigh bridge while going out of the crops. Police enforcement were waiting steps away to fine overloaded trailers, it was always a freaky. Now we have sent them away with the Traiload. It is easy to operate with the remote control from the tractor’s cabin and I have an alarm which warns the harvester that I’m reaching the maximum permitted weight.

Fabio Sartori – Ligabue Farm – Brescia Italy